Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Cleaning/Nesting: Nursery

This weekend has been CrAzY busy! We babysat my brother and sister (both 9) on Saturday and had a birthday party for Mike's sister (who just turned 10) today.

For the past several weeks, a few guys from church have been coming to fix our messed up walls in the nursery since Mike was out of commission. It got mostly finished on Tuesday and Mike had a little work to finish this week. He's been pretty sick, so it got finished Saturday morning.

On Saturday we:
Finished the sanding.
Wiped down the walls and woodwork (there was LOTS of dust!).
The room was already taped off, so we primed the walls and painted.

Today we:
Wiped down the woodwork again (LOTS of dust! LOTS!).
Pulled all of the tape off.
Vacuumed and shampooed the carpet.

All that's left is:
Get curtains and blinds (the old blinds were brittle and we never had curtains in that room).
Put the crib together.
Get a new dresser (or used, whatever!).
Touch up the paint in a few spots where the tape peeled it.
Clean the windows.
And clean out the closet (right now it holds my sewing stuff and Mike's dress clothes...).

The nursery is now a minty green to go with the frogs and turtles theme we have. It looks perfect with the dark wood trim (almost like a big dish of mint chocolate chip ice cream!) and I can't wait until the crib gets put together and little Norah's room starts coming together.

I'll post some picture's when it's all put together!

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