Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Cleaning/Nesting: Bathroom

I am so tired of looking at my filthy bathroom.
It's just gross.
Bathrooms are gross.

Today was bathroom day.
I cleaned out the medicine cabinet and cabinets.
I had the walls wiped down.
I had the mirrors cleaned.
I scrubbed the toilet.
I scrubbed the tub.
I cleaned the shower head.
I cleaned the shower curtains.
I swept and mopped the floor.

All that's left is touching up the paint in a few spots.

It feels good to have a sparkling bathroom...even though I know that next week, I'll have to do most of that stuff all over again.

Getting to know me a little better...

So, I realized that maybe my readers don't know a whole lot about me. SO, I thought I'd give everyone some questions about me.

Why were you given your particular name?
My dad picked Heather or Tabitha (I'm not sure why these two...) and my mom chose Heather.
How many brothers and sisters do you have?
I have one brother (he passed away 17 years ago) and 2 half siblings.
Here they are...What is your favorite thing to do?
I love to read. And snuggle with Mike. And shop for thrifty finds and clothes.
What is your favorite food?
Blah, I know, but I love cereal. With ice cold milk.
What is your favorite book?
Hmmmm....this one's hard. Have you seen my library?
What is your favorite candy bar?
Dove bars. But I much more prefer Wilbur Buds.
What is your favorite cookie?
Soft, warm chocolate chip cookies! Yummmmm. And thin, crisp sand tarts.
What is your favorite sport?
To watch? Football and hockey.
To play? Floor hockey.
What is your favorite kind of music?
Depends what mood I'm in. Lately, it's been Tom Petty.
What is your favorite song?
I have lots of favorite songs. Again, it depends what mood I'm in.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
A great mommy and wife.
One day, I'd like to get a doctorate degree. And I'd like to teach. I don't know if these two will combine, or not...
How many kids do you want?
I pregnant with my first now.
Ideally, I'd like 3.
What place would you like to visit?
Italy (the whole country), Ireland, Greece, England, the Caribbean.
Do you like to sing?
Yep. It doesn't always sound pretty, though.
Do you like to dance?
I LOVE to dance!
Do you like to play a musical instrument?
I have a guitar and a violin, but I don't really play them. I wish I had the dedication to learn to play them. But, I don't...
What musical instruments can you play?
See above.
What is your favorite type of art?
I don't know if other people see it as art, but I love seeing great home decor.
Have you ever seen a broadway musical? Do you like theater?
No. The closest is the local theatre. I do like plays. I'd love to see Broadway.
Do you like building things?
Yes. I love working with my hands.
What would you like to learn about cars?
Not really. I know enough to give jump start, change a tire and when to add oil. Other than that, I'll leave it to a professional.
What would you like to teach others about?
History. Jesus. DIY stuff.
What are three adjectives which describe you?
What were your favorites subjects in school?
When you have an hour of free time, what do you like to do?
Relax or read or SHOP!
What is the strangest thing you ever did?
I don't know.
What is the strangest food you ever ate?
Ostrich jerky. It wasn't bad.

Any way, if you have any other questions, let me know...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Slipcover Sew-down


I got this footstool at a consignment shop the other day for the nursery. It was covered in this ugly white drape (literally, the person cut a drape and covered it in that!) and I knew that it just wouldn't do.

Again, I'm bad at before pictures because I get so excited to get going...

I went to Joann's because they were having a sale on their household fabrics (40% off) and I wanted to take a look.

I ended up not getting a fabric on sale, because it was on the 50% off rack (even better!) that was a blue to go with my bedding. So far, my nursery has a frogs and turtles theme with the main colors being green, yellow, and blue. My walls are green, my curtains are yellow, the fabric for the footstool is blue.

I wanted a yard and a half, but ended up with a yard. I got home, and realized that I couldn't just drape the fabric over the footstool because I didn't get enough (I knew I needed more! Oops!) and I was mad at the world for about 15 minutes because it meant I'd have to sew a slipcover for it.

So here's what I did...
  • I measured the areas. The top was 15"x15" and the sides were 15"x12".
  • I cut five 16"x16" square for the top and sides, leaving a 1/2" seam allowance. For the side pieces, I left the selvages (the edges of the fabric) on so I could staple it to the inside of the footstool without it fraying.
  • I sewed the top square to another square (right sides together, selvages on the bottoms) and then zig-zag stitched the seams to keep it from fraying. I zig-zag stitched every seam. So, I'm not gonna keep saying it. Now, you know. You could use pinking sheers, but I don't have a pair.
  • Then, I sewed a second square to the top square.
  • Now, I placed the top on the footstool and put a straight pin in one of the sides where I needed to stop stitching to allow for the legs.
  • I went back to the machine and put right sides together and stitched from the pin to the seam in the top.
  • I repeated these steps until all the sides were done and sewn closed.
  • Then, I slid the slipcover over the footstool and left Mike get out his staple gun and staple the edges to the inside of the footstool.

Here's the breakdown...


Total...$24.50 (It's a little more than I wanted to spend, but oh well. The deed is done now and there are no returns on consignments or cut fabric...)
Here's a look at my nursing corner. I love it! I just don't have the valences up yet because I don't have the curtain rods yet.

Crafty Creations

Mike glazed a clay switch plate cover for the nursery. But, we have 2 light switches and an electrical socket that had ugly, broken, brown covers. So, I headed out to Michael's for some Mod-Podge and scrapbooking paper that went with my nursery colors.

Here's what I did...

I got plain plastic covers from Wal-Mart and Mod-Podge and scrapbooking paper from Michael's.

I cut my scrapbook paper to the size I needed. I left enough of a lip to fold over the back of the covers. I painted a layer of Mod-Podge over the covers with a foam brush. I placed the paper over the cover and hot glued the paper on the back of the covers. Then, I took an exacto knife and cut out the holes for the switch and outlets. I painted a layer of Mod-Podge over the paper again to seal it. When it was dry (about 15 minutes), I left Mike hang the covers.

Here's the breakdown...

Covers...$1 for both
Scrapbook paper....$0.50


And they look great! Even if the picture isn't so great.

Frugal Finds

I have been going crazy looking for a dresser that I can use as a changer also. I don't want to have a dresser and a changer. It's a waste of money and a waste of space.

We looked everywhere!
The mall...
Used furniture stores...
New furniture stores...
The paper...

I was talking with my husband and brother-in-law when my brother-in-law reminded me of the furniture auction. DUH!

So, we went.
And I found this dresser (with a lip!) that I fell in love with.
Just loved it!
But I didn't love the finish.

But this dresser was great!
The drawers pull out with such ease because they are on tracks. The lip is perfect for a changer. It's got tons of drawer space and barely any nicks or scratches!
But, Mike didn't like it. There was another one he liked.

Anyway, being the number-holder, I was the one who did the bidding. We made an agreement that we would bid up to a certain dollar price on a few pieces and the first one we won would be the one we stopped at.

As luck would have it, this was the first one we bid on that didn't go above our dollar amount.
I was in my glory!

So, here's what happened...
We had the winning bid!
And had enough (of our original dollar amount) to refinish the dresser!

I'm terrible at taking before pictures.
Just horrible!
I get so excited to get started on the project that I just go.

But, here's the breakdown...
Dresser...$37.10 ($35 for the dresser, $2.10 for sales tax)
Stain, sand paper, brushes...$15
Only 10 cents over our budget!
Can't beat that.

And here's the finished product...the beautiful finished product.

I had to work on Saturday, but when I got home, Mike had the dresser home from my grandma's (she helped him refinish it) and put in the nursery already!
He's great!

Friday, March 26, 2010

My Husband Rocks Friday

So, Mike rocks!

I've never been more sure of it.

He goes back to work on Monday! He's super excited and I'm excited for him.
But, I'll miss him at home on my days off.
Like Tuesday.
What in the world will I do on Tuesday?
I don't know!

Anyway, Mike rocks because...
He met me at work today on my lunch break and took me out for Chinese!
We haven't had a lunch date in FOREVER!
It was such a wonderful time with him.
It just proves how much he rocks!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Cleaning/Nesting: Nursery

This weekend has been CrAzY busy! We babysat my brother and sister (both 9) on Saturday and had a birthday party for Mike's sister (who just turned 10) today.

For the past several weeks, a few guys from church have been coming to fix our messed up walls in the nursery since Mike was out of commission. It got mostly finished on Tuesday and Mike had a little work to finish this week. He's been pretty sick, so it got finished Saturday morning.

On Saturday we:
Finished the sanding.
Wiped down the walls and woodwork (there was LOTS of dust!).
The room was already taped off, so we primed the walls and painted.

Today we:
Wiped down the woodwork again (LOTS of dust! LOTS!).
Pulled all of the tape off.
Vacuumed and shampooed the carpet.

All that's left is:
Get curtains and blinds (the old blinds were brittle and we never had curtains in that room).
Put the crib together.
Get a new dresser (or used, whatever!).
Touch up the paint in a few spots where the tape peeled it.
Clean the windows.
And clean out the closet (right now it holds my sewing stuff and Mike's dress clothes...).

The nursery is now a minty green to go with the frogs and turtles theme we have. It looks perfect with the dark wood trim (almost like a big dish of mint chocolate chip ice cream!) and I can't wait until the crib gets put together and little Norah's room starts coming together.

I'll post some picture's when it's all put together!

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Husband Rocks Friday!!!

My husband rocks.
No doubt about it!

He rocks because...

He had me laughing so hard, I was crying.
And now that I have less bladder control, I almost peed my pants.
He is so funny.
I just love the way he makes me laugh.

Like this picture.
It makes me laugh.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Frugal Finds and Tempting Tootsies!

Frugal Finds

So, you've heard me go on and on about my nesting issues. I really, really, realllllllly want to make all of my windows look great. I think I may dream about it.

Anyway, I just happened to be at JC Penney's on Saturday morning looking at maternity clothes and curtains. When we repainted our dining room, my grandmother bought new curtains for us. They were on sale for a good price, but they only had 4. I needed 5. We were looking to see if they had another one. Luckily they did at the same price that the first ones were.

But, they also had an 80% off section. With window hardware. That means new curtain rods and tiebacks.

I ended up getting 2 curtain rods (they were discontinued and the last 2 available and in a size I could use) that were originally $70 each. Yours truly got them for (gasp!) $2.97 each! They also had tiebacks that were originally $25 each and I only paid $0.97 each. I ended up getting both curtain rods and 5 tiebacks. My total was $11.44.

Don't believe me?
Take a look!
My receipt.
And the finished product! I used the scarves from my bedroom (I guess I'll replace them later) and I had Mike hang the curtain rods. Thanks, lovie!

Tempting Tootsies

Lately, I've been a little envious of those ladies with pretty toes, not that I've seen any. But I think it's a pregnancy thing. I can't see my feet anymore and it makes me a little sad.

I have been stuck between using a gift certificate for a spa pedicure/manicure that I got for Christmas now or holding on to it for later into the Spring. I like getting a pedicure and letting my tootsies hang out to breathe. But with the chance of it getting cold again, I'm not so sure I'm ready to use it now. So, I decided to give myself a pedicure at home with stuff I already had on hand. The total cost: FREE!

First, I gathered up the items I knew I'd need.
Foot scrub
Pumice stone
Great smelling body wash
Nail clippers
Cotton pads
Tub of hot water
Toe separators
Nail polish

For the foot scrub, I mixed 1 tablespoon sugar (you can also use brown sugar) and 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil (you can also use honey or vegetable oil). So, things you already have in your cupboards.

For the body wash, I used a little of the trial of Japanese Cherry Blossom that I got for free at Bath and Body Works. I put it in my tub of hot water to help wash off the oil.

For the lotion, I used a green tea lotion I got a the Dollar Tree.

So, I used the scrub to scrub the rough areas on my feet, like the balls and heals and the areas where I'm prone to dry skin (like my ankles). Then I soaked my feet in the hot, sudsy water for a few minutes. I left my feet in the water and gave them a quick rub. I dried off one and used the pumice stone on those rough spots and put my foot back in the water while I did the other. Then I used the lotion to massage my feet, making sure to get the areas where I felt really sore. Again, I did one while the other was soaking. When I was done, I didn't put my feet back in the water. Next, I clipped any long edges and put the toe separators on so I didn't smudge my polish. I polished my nails and used the cotton pads to wipe up any polish that ended up not on my toes (it's funny how much gets on the skin when your pregnant belly pushes your feet away and makes it hard to bend to get to your toes).

And voila! Pretty toesies!

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Husband Rocks Friday

So, for those of you who don't know, my husband rocks.

Mike rocks because, as you can tell, I have been on a Spring cleaning binge. I feel the need to clean and organize deep into my bones. Mike had surgery several weeks ago and just recently got back to being able to move around without crutches. He gets fatigued quickly, but always volunteers his help. He has cleaned window, vacuumed floors, sorted trash, organized cabinets, and transported the Stock Pile to the nursery.

Who else would do all that work while gimping around on crutches?

He totally rocks!

Spring Cleaning/Nesting: Finishing The First Floor

So, I finished the first floor cleaning today.

Mostly, it included mopping, shampooing carpets and cleaning windows.

It feels good.

Just the upstairs, the basement and the attic left to go!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Cleaning/Nesting: Living Room and Dining Room

So, I spent one day in my living room and one day in my dining room cleaning and organizing.

I sorted the junk stuff from the keep mail.
I cleaned out behind the couches.
I cleaned off the walls.
I cleaned the windows.
I cleaned off the coat rack.
I vacuumed.

All that's left is:
Getting tie backs.
Getting new curtain rods.
Getting a swag across the windows.
Shampooing the carpets.

I (actually Mike) took all of the baby's stuff (the Stock Pile) to the nursery.
I cleaned out my corner China cabinet.
I cleaned out cleaned out all of the storage cabinets.
I took all the stuff that goes to the basement to the basement.
I rearranged the dining room table.
I organized all of my crafts stuff and put all of the stuff in the cabinets.
I displayed some beautiful dishes in my corner China cabinet.

Actually, Mike was a HUGE help today. I couldn't have done as much without him today.

All that's left in there is:
Cleaning the floors.
Cleaning the windows.
Organizing the computer cords and finding a neat, cheap way to hide them.
Getting a curtain for the patio door.
Getting tie backs.

Tomorrow is the second day for both rooms.
Some cleaning shouldn't take too long.
I hope.
I do have to do laundry and run several errands.

Mostly, the curtains and tie backs are a decorative want and not a need, so they will wait until I have the money to get that stuff. With a baby coming, I don't mind putting that stuff off.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring Cleaning/Nesting: Kitchen

Today, I finished my kitchen almost entirely. The cleaning is completely done!

I spent three days cleaning and organizing the kitchen.

I must admit that I learned what clutter-catching, grease-building, all-around-grungy room the kitchen is.
The grease from cooking and baking gets in the air and turns the dust to grime.
The cabinets make the perfect area for storing all the junk that you want to hide.

So, on Day One, I cleaned out the pantry.
This is the opening to my basement. The clutter there made it extremely hard to carry baskets of wash to the laundry area. It also was so cluttered that trying to get past the mess was dangerous and could have caused some nasty falls.
I tossed all the boxes of cereal that had a half a bowl left in the bag and sat on the shelf for a year. I condensed all the can goods to one shelf.
I placed all my baking goods one shelf.
I tossed all expired foods.
I removed my purses from the hooks.
I threw out all of the junk that sat on the shelves and hooks.
I gathered all of the grocery bags and placed them all on one shelf, out of the way.
Lastly, I hung some hangers on the hooks and hung up my mop.

On Day Two, I did a MAJOR clean.
I cleaned the walls.
I scrubbed the appliances.
I washed the windows (and I don't do windows).
I cleaned and reorganized the plants on my window sills.
I reorganized cabinets.
I washed the walls.
I washed the ceiling fan blades.
I cleared off counters.
I cleaned off and de-cluttered the table.

On Day Three, I finished up the small tasks.
I scrubbed and mopped the floors.
I cleaned the blinds.
I scrubbed the sink.
I finished!

I am so extremely thankful that the kitchen is complete.
I am more thankful to Mike and my Grandma.
Mike (who is still on crutches after some leg surgeries) stood in one place and organized cabinets and washed windows. My Grandma helped on Day Two with most of the other tasks.

The last thing to do in the kitchen is to hang sheer curtains, place tiebacks on the windows, put up a new curtain on the back door and replace the broken blinds. These aren't really cleaning needs, just home decor wants. They don't have to get done right away, but I really want them done at some point.

The next room is the living room! I can't wait!

Friday, March 5, 2010

IT'S A...


Mike and I went for a 20 week ultrasound at 19 weeks and the ultrasound tech was a total mess!
He was digging in my rib cage and didn't take any measurements.

SOOOOOO...the midwife sent me back again this week.
I went on Wednesday to make sure Baby Entzminger is healthy and growing.

And she is!

God has blessed us with a baby girl.

While the ultrasound tech cannot say that she was 100% positive that it's a girl, there was nothing there to indicate a little boy.

Her name will be Norah Rae Entzminger. Her name pays homage to Mike's great-grandmother (Eleanor) and my grandfather (Ray).

We love her dearly and eagerly await her arrival!

Now, to pick a life verse for her!

My Husband Rocks!!!

I only realized this morning just how much my husband rocks in the morning...even if he is grumpy and irritable.

Every morning, the alarm goes off, and he lays in bed with me and hits the snooze until I feel like getting up. But, he never lets me over-sleep. He always makes sure I'm out of bed on time.

I don't think I'd have the will power to get out of bed on my own everyday without him. I don't know how I did it before we got married.

How does your husband (or wife) rock? I encourage you to tell him (or her) so that they know that you do appreciate the small things.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

AHHH the nesting continues.

So, I have found out the hard way that pregnancy means naps.
In the middle of the day.
Napping means my husband says, "You looked so cute I simply couldn't wake you," when ask why in the world he left me sleep for 5 HOURS!!!
5 hour naps means that bedtime gets pushed back to 12 or 1 or 2 or 3, no matter what I have planned for the next day.

So, here it is, 11:50, and I'm planning what my house will look like by the time Baby Entzminger decides to join us.

I've got a "laundry" list of thing that have to get done around the house.
I even took the time to type it up in a Word document.
It's 2 pages long.

And so, I sit here looking at pictures on the internet of what my house should look like.
And wondering why in the world it doesn't.
And wondering when all of this baby stuff is going to make its way out of my dining room (there is a stock pile started...) and into the nursery.
And wondering if my nursery will ever get done to move said stock pile into it.

And, I sit here planning all kinds of crafts to make my house pretty.
Like a plaque to go above my dining room door.
Or a new decorative table in the dining room.
Or the pictures I need to remember to have printed and buy frames for so I can hang.
Or the new curtain rods I really should buy.

OHHHH....And I'm waiting (rather impatiently) for yard sales to really get going.
I can find lots of neat stuff for really great prices at yard sales.

So, I'm gonna have to keep everyone updated on the turn my house takes as I draw ever closer to my due date. The house better be finished by then. I don't know that I can tolerate it looking the way it does (which isn't bad, if I do say so my self) any longer. If I had the energy and Mike had the walking ability to get started right this second, I probably would.

BUT, it will have to wait...Until maybe tomorrow.

And until then, I'll just sit here, wide awake, and enjoy feeling my baby do the Mamba in my belly.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Life Simplified...

This week's Life Simplified tip is a relatively short one.

One I learned from my grandmother about a year ago.

If you want to keep your Brillo pads from rusting after just one use, put it in a sandwich bag and toss it in the freezer until you're ready to use it again. Keep doing this until it's ready for the trash!