Monday, March 29, 2010

Slipcover Sew-down


I got this footstool at a consignment shop the other day for the nursery. It was covered in this ugly white drape (literally, the person cut a drape and covered it in that!) and I knew that it just wouldn't do.

Again, I'm bad at before pictures because I get so excited to get going...

I went to Joann's because they were having a sale on their household fabrics (40% off) and I wanted to take a look.

I ended up not getting a fabric on sale, because it was on the 50% off rack (even better!) that was a blue to go with my bedding. So far, my nursery has a frogs and turtles theme with the main colors being green, yellow, and blue. My walls are green, my curtains are yellow, the fabric for the footstool is blue.

I wanted a yard and a half, but ended up with a yard. I got home, and realized that I couldn't just drape the fabric over the footstool because I didn't get enough (I knew I needed more! Oops!) and I was mad at the world for about 15 minutes because it meant I'd have to sew a slipcover for it.

So here's what I did...
  • I measured the areas. The top was 15"x15" and the sides were 15"x12".
  • I cut five 16"x16" square for the top and sides, leaving a 1/2" seam allowance. For the side pieces, I left the selvages (the edges of the fabric) on so I could staple it to the inside of the footstool without it fraying.
  • I sewed the top square to another square (right sides together, selvages on the bottoms) and then zig-zag stitched the seams to keep it from fraying. I zig-zag stitched every seam. So, I'm not gonna keep saying it. Now, you know. You could use pinking sheers, but I don't have a pair.
  • Then, I sewed a second square to the top square.
  • Now, I placed the top on the footstool and put a straight pin in one of the sides where I needed to stop stitching to allow for the legs.
  • I went back to the machine and put right sides together and stitched from the pin to the seam in the top.
  • I repeated these steps until all the sides were done and sewn closed.
  • Then, I slid the slipcover over the footstool and left Mike get out his staple gun and staple the edges to the inside of the footstool.

Here's the breakdown...


Total...$24.50 (It's a little more than I wanted to spend, but oh well. The deed is done now and there are no returns on consignments or cut fabric...)
Here's a look at my nursing corner. I love it! I just don't have the valences up yet because I don't have the curtain rods yet.

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  1. You sure have been busy! All you need now is the baby! Can't wait to meet her!
    Sharon S.