Sunday, February 21, 2010

You Know You're 6 Months Pregnant When...

Today I marked the 6 months pregnant milestone!

So, to celebrate, a little pregnancy humor!

You Know You're 6 Months Pregnant When:
  • A sneeze or a laugh makes you pee your pants
  • You're husband is so impressed by the belch that just sent your head back a few inches that he tries (and fails) to beat it
  • Your 70 year old grandmother can bend over to pick up the item you just dropped 5 times with more ease than you can
  • Shaving above the knee becomes so much work that you just think, "Oh, forget about it!"
  • Your husband knows by the sound of your "mmmmmmm" just what you're craving for
  • You can no longer see your feet without leaning front or to the side
  • Your family knows you're walking by because you are no longer light-footed and have started to waddle
  • You have more pillows under your belly and back in bed than under your head
  • You become hungry even though you just ate an hour ago
  • You are happy to realize that you are out of that awkward "Is she just fat or is she pregnant?" stage
  • Rolling out of bed is easier than sitting up first
  • Breathing has become a necessary evil
  • While at work, you realize that you've hit buttons that should not have been hit with your belly
  • You feel baby move, so you put your husband's hand on your belly and the baby stops moving and you are sure it's just out of spite
  • You've forgotten what you were going to do to walk away and remember only to walk back again and realize that you've forgotten again
  • You feel like an old man because your hips feel so arthritic that you're afraid you'll pop them out of joint if you move the wrong way

I hope you've enjoyed this.

And if you remember something I haven't experienced yet, leave a comment. I'd love to read it.


  1. Welcome to blog land. I am a blogger friend of kelly's. How exciting to be having your first baby. I would add to your list that you can cry easily, even over a comercial.

  2. Hi Dee! Nice to meet you!

    That's a good one. Luckily, I haven't experienced mood swings. I think I may have only cried 3 times since I got pregnant.