Sunday, December 19, 2010

Frugal Finds: Coupons at Walmart

I hate Walmart.

Really, I do.

But I end up going there about 2 times a month. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

Today, I ran there because I needed some items that I couldn't get at the grocery store, and used some coupons for some savings.

Only 1 coupon made me spend more than I normally would by purchasing a product I don't normally purchase.
I bought 3 boxes of cereal for N. One box was $2.28 and 2 boxes were $1.72. That made her cereal cost a total of $5.72. I used 3 coupons. 2 for $1 off 2 boxes and one for $0.55 off 3 boxes. These saved me $2.55. This brought the cereal down to $3.17, costing $1.05 per box.
Then, I got some Busy Bone treats for the puppy dogs. These will be wrapped and placed under our tree. We don't often buy them treats, but we always do for Christmas. This was them last year.So, they were $2.84 each, bringing the total to $5.68. I used 2 coupons that were $1.50 off 2, saving me $3. This brought the total to $2.68, which was $1.34 each.
Next, I got some Nivea lip care balms. I don't normally buy them, but I do buy ChapStick. So, these were $2.47 each, totaling $4.94. I had a buy one get one free coupon and saved $2.47. This brought them down to $1.24 each.
I also don't normally buy Olay, but it wasn't that much more than what I normally spend. I usually spend $4.50 for a bottle, and this stuff was $5. I had a coupon for buy one bottle, get a bottle of lotion for free. That saved me $4.47.

So, let's add up the costs before and after.

$2.28 + $1.72 + $1.72 + $2.84 + $2.84 + $2.47 + $2.47 + $5.00 + $4.47 = $25.81

Coupon Savings:
$1.00 + $1.00 + $0.55 + $1.50 + $1.50 +$2.47 + $4.47 = $12.49

Total Paid (before tax):
$25.81 - $12.49 = $13.32
And, while I was there, I did the rest of my grocery shopping and bought some other things I don't normally buy (like panty hose and Aveno baby soothing creme for Norah's dry cheeks and legs), and some baking supplies.

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