Saturday, September 18, 2010

MHR on a Saturday

Mike rocks today...

I've decided that with a busy life like mine (yesterday I worked from 8am to 7pm and then went to a football game to support Mike's little bro and didn't get home until after 10pm and today I worked 8am to 12noon and then ran errands with Mike and went out for a free meal at a local establishment and then went to my Grandma's house) and a new baby, I'm not going to feel guilty if MHRF is a few days (or a week) late. I don't think my hunny will mind.

So, on to Mike rocking today.

Last Monday, I was accused of walking out on a dinner bill. My cousins took me out for dinner Saturday night and a table near us walked out without paying. Monday night, a manager came to my house (since the place served alcohol, they swiped my license...thus they know my address) to collect payment. When we got the whole thing straightened out, they offered me and my husband a free meal. We took them up on it.

Yesterday, my Grandma got a new kitchen faucet and was so excited about it that Hubby and I decided to go install it for her. Well, she has stupid plumbing (cheap, old the guy she bought the place from) and it took us 4 hours to install something that should have taken 30 minutes. We're still not done, since a trip to Home Depot is in our very near future (like tomorrow morning) in order to get a few bolts that we need so she can turn her kitchen sink on.

But, Mike rocks because he kept insisting that doing the work for her was no big deal when she kept saying that she felt bad that we went to all the trouble. It really wasn't a big deal, but I just love knowing that he doesn't mind going out of his way for people.

Hunny, you rock!

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