Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tyndale Book Review:Grumble Hallelujah

I’ve recently finished Grumble Hallelujah: Learning To Love Your Life Even When It Lets You Down by Caryn Dahlstrand Rivadeneira.

This book discusses how to let go of the life you have imagined and become contented and love the life God has placed you in. While I found the idea of the book a novel one, I must admit that this book was a difficult one for me to read. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not because my life is so messed up that I have a hard time loving it. I simply didn’t like this book. I found the way the author was open and honest about her life, her past and her hope for the future wonderful, but I found her words a bit off from the context in which scripture was written and the way she used it. I also found some of the ways she suggested for doing this inappropriate. But maybe that’s simply for me.

I really enjoyed the areas of the book that discuss judgment, envy, “stuff”, hope, and doubt. These are wonderful sections that talk about the need to let go of judging others, envying other people’s homes, belongings, etc. and letting go and learning to say “I have enough stuff”. These are things more people need to hear.

But there were 2 sections of the book in particular that I did not agree with. 2 sections that I found a bit hard to read because they were off. One section talked about being thankful for everything. I agree to a point that we must be thankful. However, she raised a point that we should be thankful for all situation and circumstances we are placed in. I simply disagree. I don't need to be thankful if I can't provide food for my family. Instead, I need to pray for God to send me a way to feed my family, whether that is in the form of someone bringing a meal or a new job that will provide means to buy food. I think that in all situations, however, there are things I can be thankful for. I also didn't like the section where she talks about expecting God to make His presence known. I believe that God always makes Himself known, we just can't always see it.

Anyway, I don't want to rant, but I wouldn't really recommend this book to friends. I would say it is lukewarm at best.

I received this book free from Tyndale for review. I was not paid to review this book. The above photo of the book cover is taken from

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