Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Long Time Coming

This post has been in the works for quite a while. I'm simply not happy with this blog. That said, I have been struggling with the idea of closing this blog and starting all over again. I don't know that I want to do that.

I haven't put a post on here in over 2 months. And I'm not quite sure I like that. I have decided, though, to keep this blog. I think what I will be doing is focusing this blog more on recipes and crafts and home life tips. I think I will be giving this blog a nice makeover.

My goal, ultimately, is to expand my reader base and to try to be more creative.

What does this mean for you, dear readers? Not a whole lot. I think I will be archiving the posts that I think fit along with this new style, and deleting the ones that don't. I'm going to also try to post more often. I've simply been in a slump.

That being said, please be patient. I'm currently working on my final book review for this blog (ok, ok...I'm still reading the book) and the holidays are quickly approaching. So, please hang out for a few weeks more, and hopefully we'll get this thing rolling.

1 comment:

  1. You and I are so much alike. I have been in a slump and haven't been posting on my blog much in the past couple of months either. I also, haven't been visiting blogs in all of that time. Sometimes I was too busy, but mostly I had lost interest for some reason.

    I posted on my this evening and feel a need to get back into it. Maybe it's just a phase we're going through. Sometimes, I just don't feel like I have anything worth posting about, but I'm going to give it another try. I'm glad you made the same decision:)