Monday, May 2, 2011

Marriage Challenge Week 12

Ok, so it's been more than 12 weeks, but whatever. I've dealt with a sick husband, a sick baby, and a sick me so far this year...along with a crazy work schedule all last month. I'm not gonna feel bad.

But, for this week, I wanted to touch on a little something personal to me.

I know that last week's challenge was to get physical with your spouse (ie. kissing, holding hands) but this week's kind of is the same.

First, a little background. 8 years ago (on May 5th), my husband was in a very serious car accident. His leg was broken in several places, his ankle was almost completely removed, his heart was bruised and his lung collapsed. He's had several reconstructive surgeries on his leg and face because all of the skin on his chin was gone. He's blessed to be alive today. He's blessed to have all his own body parts. He's blessed to be walking and able to work despite severe arthritis. Sometimes, his knee gives out on him. On rainy days, he's in extreme pain. My heart hurts for him.

That being said, I have taken to rubbing his injured leg for him at night. I don't rub it for too long, and I only rub one area a night. I also never, ever touch his ankle. He gets a tingling sensation in it that hurts him. While the pain he suffers is joint pain and my rubbing his leg for him doesn't help his pain, it's nice for him to feel something good...something other than pain.

So, the challenge this week is to do something for your spouse that may not be a help, but that is a blessing for them. For Mike, it's feeling something other than pain and having the chance for his muscles to relax because they are so knotted up from having to compensate for an injured leg. Maybe it's something different for your spouse, like offering a cup of coffee when he/she gets home from work, or taking care of the kiddos for a half hour so he/she can spend some time in the bathroom. It's not some huge thing that shows off how great you are, but it's a small thing that lets your spouse know that he/she is worth the effort it takes you to bless him/her.

Grab my button and follow along. And let me know what you've done for your marriage challenge. I'm always excited to know!
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