Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June is here!

That means...WEDDINGS!

I love weddings. I adore weddings. Weddings are wonderful.

One reason I love weddings is because when I'm writing out wedding cards, I take a moment to reflect on my wedding day and on my marriage in general.

That being said, I read another blog today that posted some helpful marriage tips.
Some can be good for any relationship (not just romantic ones) and some are specific to marriages.
But I thought I'd take the time to try my hand at giving my unsolicited marriage tips (but I don't think it matters since you are reading my blog...)

Tip For Making Marriage Work
  1. Remember to tell him that you love him. Of course you love him, you wouldn't be married, right? BUT, telling him that you love him goes a long, long way. Let him hear how you feel about him every once in a while.
  2. Let him be your hero...even if he's afraid of bees. Mike is my hero and he knows it. Yes, I get frustrated with him, but I have no problem with him knowing that I think he's super. And being a hero doesn't have to be a bout killing the creepy-crawlies. He's my hero because he treats me (and others) with respect, he loves the Lord, and he's not afraid to tell people what's on his mind.
  3. Be willing to forgive his faults. Grace is given to me by the good Lord, so I need to be willing to give grace to my husband.
  4. Don't be afraid to be upset, but remember to TALK it out. Don't yell at each other. It just makes it harder to hear. Remember that you are an adult, and so is he. You can be upset and not see eye-to-eye and not yell at each other. Remember using your "inside voice" in elementary school? Use it now, too.
  5. Make sure he is first. I understand how hard it can be when life and kids get in the way. But, remember that without him, your life would be a lot less than what it is. Your spouse is your life partner, not your today partner. Remember to put him before all other things, except God, and to love him more than any other person.
  6. Be helpful, without being asked. Don't be afraid to get him a drink or to take notice of his likes to have on hand. It shows him how much you appreciate him. Really.
  7. Initiate once in a while. Guys are wired visually. And they tend to need sex in order to solve issues while we need issues solved in order for sex to come. But be the one to give in because he will likely not be responsive otherwise. And if there are no issues at hand, initiate anyway. It makes him feel good to know that you find him desirable, and it's loads of fun!
  8. Pray for him. Maybe this one should be listed first, but remember him and his walk with God and his life in your prayers. Don't be afraid to ask what you can pray for, and then do it.
  9. Pay attention to yourself. If you keep yourself clean and presentable for him, he'll know that he's important to you. I have a hard time remember to shave in the winter (since no one sees my legs), but I have to learn to remember that he still sees my legs and that it makes him feel good when I take care of myself.
  10. Build dreams together. If you aren't planning for the future and what you want out of life, what do you have to look forward to?
My list could go on, but I have a hubby who's ready for bed and I want to spend a little quiet time with him before either of us saw logs.

If you have a helpful tip, leave a comment.


  1. Let him be the head of the household. I sometimes have difficulty with this because I am home with the children 24/7 and he works outside of the home, so I make lots of decisions when he's not here, but I try to look to him when he is here because that is how God ordained it to be.

    Great post Heather!