Friday, April 8, 2011

Marriage Challenge Week 10

I feel like I am always apologizing to you, my readers. And then I considered how I feel like I apologize to you more than I do my husband. And the sad part is that I know he usually apologizes first. Maybe I feel too indignant to apologize first, but I should probably go rectify that, and try to make sure that I am apologizing adequately for my part in any future disagreements.

Anyway…talk about a break-through! Woah!

Your marriage challenge for this week is this…

All too often, we assume we know what our spouse is thinking or feeling, simply because we live with them. How often do we tune out what they are saying? Or put our attention elsewhere and try to multi-task (ladies!) by listening and doing what needs done.

This week, take time to ask your spouse some interesting questions. Like the following…

How do you want to be loved? With words of affirmation? Gifts? Touch?

How can I make you feel loved?

What are your goals for the next month? Year?

Then, take some time and consider what your spouse may not know about you. Does your spouse know that you prefer one love language over the others? Or what your goals are? Or what touches your heart? Chances are, you don’t know that about them. So ask!

Hopefully, this will prove just how intent (even if only to yourself) you are on living more intentionally, and that you do value your spouse above all others. And, it may even open wide a new door of communication.

Geez, those words (intentional living and communication) have been appearing a lot in the marriage challenges…I wonder why…

If you’re new, grab the button and follow along. Let me know what you have to say. I always like to read what you have to write!
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